Jun 16, 2017

Everything seems to be instantaenous nowadays. Deadlines are always looming life has become as fast as it can go. And so for the go-getter bag lovers, we present to you the grab and go bags that you can depend on day by day. Michael Kors Black Grab Bag Looking for an instant classic in both closet and lifestyle? Something to serve you from day to night and bounce from one occasion to another? Formal to informal? Then this Michael Kors Black Grab Bag is the one to take home. The classic black saffiano leather is sure to soothe the senses

Jun 05, 2017

Cotton --- comfortable and classic. Whether it is about clothes, interior designing down to bags and accessories, cotton is probably one of the many materials that you will encounter. And why wouldn’t you? It’s so flexible and can be treated in many ways, the possibilities almost become endless with it. And with that in mind, we give honor by showing you the cotton bags that we are obsessed with. BCBG Black and White Cotton Tote Go for the classics! And nothing is more iconic than a great black and white stripe cotton tote bag. Spacious, sleek and slim,

May 22, 2017

This one is for the M.I.L.F’s Mothers In Love (with) Fashion. We know you ladies are as powerful as they come and with that, of course, your fashion will have to adapt. And as you give birth to the new fashion generation, of course you want to do it in impeccable form. Here are some diaper bags to help you with just that! Coach Blue Diaper Bag First thought? This doesn’t look like a diaper bag. And that is why it’s on the list! This Blue Coach Diaper bag is the perfect blend of

May 15, 2017

Not much has been said about Dakine, but then again this brand is about action and not words. Built for the active lifestyle, its’ niche is all about the adventurous people all over the globe. But what about the urban people who just enjoy the buzz of the city? Don’t worry. They got you covered. Here are our top picks: Dakine Bicolor Wallet Made out of polyester, you know it’s going to be a bit dirt resistant. And with shades that are a bit dark, you know that it can handle the daily grind and bust in and

Apr 24, 2017

Petunia Pickle Bottom --- sounds like a name of a woman full of care. If Nanny McPhee was here, I am sure she would approve just as much. And in terms of bag, however, we definitely could not agree even more! Here are our top picks from the brand: Petunia Pickle Bottom Yellow Tote Bright, spacious and simple --- anything for the modern mother to get through the day with flair and style. We love how this bag is enough for the errands as well as the needs of your little ones as you go about your day. At less