Aug 28, 2016

“Grommet” --- doesn’t sound attractive does it? However, you may be surprised that you have already been attracted to it way before you even knew about it. What is it? It’s those metallic hole accents in the bags (shoes and even dresses!) that we have been seeing around since forever. So whether or not you are loving the way it is called, we are pretty sure you are more interested into the bag style anyway. So here are our top picks of grommet bags:

Deux Lux Nazar Bucket Bag

Looking for that edgy, youthful and flirty bag for your denim outfits? Look no further, Deux Lux has got you covered. This designer line has promised “glamour, edgy and flirty” all in one go and this bag has captured all three.
The grommet accent provides that necessary bling to add some charm to the bag. The bucket shape is definitely an unusual one (as majority would go for a tote), giving you an edgy and wild look. And finally, the chain strap adds to that little flirt on the side of your shoulder.

Diane Von Furstenberg Continental Wallet

Treat your money with style. After all, it does pay for it!
And if you are looking for the wallet to do it, then DVF is the woman to go to. This grommet accented wallet is perfect for your financial organization and style appropriation. Made up of cowhide leather, you know it’s going to be tough and will stay with you for a long time.

Michael Kors Backpack

Looking for that new backpack to uplift your style spirit? Michael Kors got something for you. We are absolutely loving this grommet accent backpack. To be honest, it’s giving us a serious Alexander Wang feel, but with a price tag lower than the said designers’ pieces --- we won’t argue as much.