Oct 20, 2016

Adrienne Vittadini may have started with revolutionizing the knitwear sector. Making it one of the sexiest staples in any fashionista’s closet. But we are also so glad that her multi-million dollar empire has expanded to bags. And true to the brand’s vision of ease, movement and subtle sexy simplicity, we present to you our top picks from her bag roster.

Pebble Grain Handbag

The brand is all about easy simplicity and it doesn’t get any easier than this bag. We love this little brown handbag number. With gold hardware and pebbled texture, it’s just luxury in bag manifested.
The size of the bag is on the medium size (12 inches – 13.5 inches) making this the perfect every day bag. Since fall is in the corner and you are starting to bust out your gray and neutral sweaters for the chill, the brown hue of this bag will be a great complimentary color for your outfit.

Perforated Hobo bag

Adrienne Vittadini is all about the “ease” and there is nothing easier than a hobo bag on your shoulder. This white bag is perfect for your daily errands. The sheer size of it (less than 14 inches) is great in carrying your essentials and other incidentals throughout the day. Also, if you are more of a casual jeans and shirt type of girl, then this bag is the one that will elevate it a bit from style mediocrity.

Flaptop Shoulder bag

If you are looking for a small shoulder bag that spells “classic” in a major way, then this little number should be considered. Who doesn’t love the black leather on gold hardware mix? Always a luxurious and classic touch to any ensemble. Furthermore, the black faux leather will make sure that dirt or not, it’s going to stick with you for the rest of the day or night.