Jan 11, 2017

All aboard the yellow tote. Bright, light and full of function, every fashionista should have one. And while all the ladies are aiming to shine bright like a diamond this holiday, you will separate yourself by shining like the luminous yellow star that you are. Start with these picks:

Michael Kors Yellow Tote ($175)

You have to give it up for Michael Kors. King of glamourous suburban lifestyle, this piece is just the epitome of casual chic.
Around 12 inches to 13.5 inches, this bag is prepared to carry your essentials and other incidentals that you might get along the way. The nylon material of the bag will ensure that it will adapt to the space needs as well as the weather’s (nylon is a bit water resistant).
And with the bright yellow coming your way, this will definitely pack a style punch for every onlooker. Pair it with your deadliest prints and you will get yourself that “yellow break” that you need to add more visual interest to your outfit.

Rebecca Minkoff Yellow Tote ($295)

Totes are usually of inverted trapezoid kind of structure, so at first look, you will have to wonder. But then again Rebecca Minkoff is one designer that always has a style trick up her sleeve. In this case, the bag has zipper sides that will turn this into the classic tote silhouette. Not only that, but it definitely gives you more space for your daily needs.

Ralph Lauren Yellow Tote ($150)

This may be made up of faux leather, but the style game of this piece is all realness. Ralph Lauren produced a Yellow Tote that has some “wood-like” embellishment on top, giving it a bit of an “organic feel”. So if you are feeling bohemian this season, this is the gem to carry.