Feb 17, 2017

As bag lovers, you may have already known the fashion field very well. You can definitely tell your Dolce & Gabbana from your Dooney & Burke and your Foley + Corrina from your Olivia + Joy. And of course, these are important. It’s the little details that will definitely make or break your outfit.

With that in mind, we now turn to this dilemma --- those little monster bags that we have been recently seeing. You might expect this from the world of Betsey Johnson, but we present to you a little twist! It’s from the brand of American West and Fendi.
This now bring us to the question? Who did it better? Let’s start with American West.

The brand has always been known for their leather bags. Dedicated to high quality and artisan craftsmanship, you know that when you buy one from this brand, it’s worth the price ($110 for a crossbody clutch bag).
Although it’s not obviously implied that this is a little monster bag, we can’t exactly ignore the fact that it has that small details that reminds us of those “monster lashes”. We can see this being worn from jeans to maxi dresses. So if you are aiming for a sense of seasonal longevity, this bag is the one to consider.

As for Fendi, we can always count on it to be fresh and daring. And of course, the price is higher than that of American West ($890 for this yellow crossbody bag), but with good reason --- it has a serial reputation for luxury and opulence (the notoriety that only people who can afford it --- can get it).

The good point of this is that it is a statement bag. So if you are looking for something that would break the “dullness” of your basic wardrobe, then this gem is the one to invest in.
In the end, it’s all about the use. If you want something tough and rough, go for American West. For something trendy and luxurious --- Fendi.