Jul 23, 2016

Dreaming about your perfect cruise vacation? That’s fabulous! Now add these 3 nautical themed bags. These are ready to carry your vacation needs and take your classy cruise style to the next level!

TH Reversible Tote Bag by Tommy Hilfiger

Well, we can’t argue to the one of the reigning designers of classic American style. Picture yourself in a yacht and with this by your side. Inside it is your towel, magazines, sunblock and sunnies. If that doesn’t spell luxurious cruise, we don’t know what will!
And when it’s done and back to the daily grind, flip this inside out and reveal the solid color within. Keeping that “nautical secret” of an experience inside.

Jolene Handbag by Tommy Hilfiger

If the big anchor icon on the bag did not make this one like a “cruise bag”, then maybe the classic stripe with a twist did. Smaller than the first bag earlier, this white and silver number is perfect not only just for the cruise but just an ordinary lounge at the pool or a sunny beach day. It’s made up of canvass and cotton. So rest assured it’s not going to heat up and melt your beauty essentials inside during a hot summer day.

TH Canvas Hobo Bag by Tommy Hilfiger

If you want to just have a “feel” of cruise style but, not being blatant about it, then this canvas hobo bag is for you. It’s casual and soft in material, without the usual “anchor” like icons in the previous selections.
The cruise feeling comes with the stripe combination of faded red, white and dark navy blue. And since it is made up of canvas, it is hand wash friendly. You can easily remove the sand by drying it out in the sun and giving it a great pat.