Jul 10, 2016

Women and handbags have a special connection that can only be explained through artistry and fashion, especially when it is focused on the textures and details of the design.
Whether it is a handbag or a purse, design and style adds elegance and glamour. Being comfortable with the design and style you carry has a lot to do when it comes to fashion and your day to day outfit statement.

Since every woman has her own unique style, it will be more than interesting to know as to what would be the best choice when it comes to exotic or animal printed handbags.
Animal prints are beyond trend and never goes out of style, it only evolves and will never be left behind when it comes to innovation in fashion.

Here are some of the most admired and favored exotic or animal printed handbags. Let’s take a look!

Snake Print

Snakeskin bags are truly one of a kind. Most collection of snakeskin bags are from anaconda, cobra, python, karung and other snake skin which makes perfect leather for any style of hand bag. It’s always in best condition and could settle for less maintenance especially the authentic ones. Their quality last longer than other kinds of bags. No wonder this kind is the most sought after of vintage designers.

Leopard Print

Every girl knows that any wardrobe could really use a touch of leopard leather handbag.
One of the easiest bags that any woman can match with any outfit on a daily basis. Just have a tee and a jean and your outfit of the day will is complete with any leopard print bag.Setting your mood for the day will be easy with any leopard print bags as it adds accent to any plain clothes that you wear.

Crocodile Print

Crocodile skin is an expensive yet flexible material that is in demand in the fashion industry. With high-fashion crocodile handbags selling for tens thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, if the bag fits your taste then it’s worth the price. Crocodile skin handbag is in demand because it's good to look at and rare to find. Shelf life for this type of leather can last for years. Timeless in quality and style all rolled in one bag.

Lizard Print

If you’re looking for a not too flashy and not too cheap printed bag, the lizard print bag is the best for you, especially the ones that are in proportion in size and in color. Most of lizard print designed bags are sighted as vintage and were adapted from the 50’s and 60’s.
Most bags are smaller in size for this type, despite its dimension the chic black look always stand out in almost any occasion you would choose to carry it.

Ostrich Print

One of the upsides with ostrich print bags is the fact that most of its designs are packed in solid colors. Simplicity and uniqueness are the reasons why out of all exotic bags, I am so in love with ostrich prints. Its texture and details will stand out for itself without you worrying too much about how you look.