Mar 17, 2017

No. We are not talking about a dirty mind nor recycling. We are just talking about the color. Do you love it? Do you crave for it? Does it soothe you? Well, here is some “greenery” to look at and possibly “to buy for” to help you remain calm, collected and well “bagged-out”.

Gx By Gwen Stefani Green Crossbody

“Uh-huh! This my BAG” --- you sang it in your head though right? We can’t blame you. Gwen Stefani has instilled that song into our minds and now here she is again instilling a bag in our memories. We love this Gx By Gwen Stefani Green Crossbody. It’s unique in terms of touch and visual feel. We love the easy dangling of the chain and zipper closure.
If you are aiming for some rock edgy style to add in your prepared “camouflage themed” outfits, then look no further. This is the bag to go with.

Ralph Lauren Green Tote

Something minty to freshen up your eyes and style. A bit of a highlight too, if you ask us.
This Ralph Lauren Green Tote is a perfect brightener of casual outfits. If you are always down into your basics, then this is the proper piece that will level it up for you easily.
Not only that, this tote is also made up of cotton and canvass, so you know that it’s strong, always cool and can keep its soft shape for a long time.

Steve Madden Green Shoulder Bag

Something pastel to cleanse your style palette? Here it is!
Steve Madden created this green shoulder bag that is just soft in hue --- enough to give just a blush of color in your soft outfits. And even if it is a strong constructive type, the simple silhouette of the bag is enough to be a foundation and a contrast breaker to the hardness of your wardrobe.