Dec 19, 2016

When you mention the brand Armani, a full blown fashion line comes into mind. From jeans down to perfume, this fashion powerhouse is all about the sexy and sensual. Speaking of jeans, do you know that it has its own bag line? Don’t worry ladies, it’s not made of denim. Here is our top picks:

Armani Jeans Black Back Pack

We are pretty sure that if Bruno Mars knew about this bag, this is “one grenade” he would definitely like to catch. But then again, it’s not really much of a sacrifice knowing it’s an Armani Jeans back pack.
This amazing piece is strapped with silver chains and with an unusual metal drawstring to boot. With a tubular handle, this bag can adapt to a handbag with ease.

Armani Jeans Gray Domed Handbag

Mr. Gray will see you now --- and yes it’s Armani not Christian. Jelly bags are making a comeback once again. And although some people are saying that it’s a novelty item, one cannot deny the style and function powers of this little piece.
Dirt resistant and usually tougher in construction, the jelly bag may look like the 80’s and 90’s had a child, but for the fashionistas of 21st century, it’s a constant re-birth that we are enjoying.

Armani Jeans Ecru Tote Bag

Armani is all about the love and the lovers. In this case, the best kind would be the one that keeps on giving --- and so we give you this Armani Jeans Ecru Tote Bag with an additional pouch for you to enjoy.
Lighter than the first two options, this perforated tote bag is ready to serve you on your daily errands. Perfect for your low-key and minimalist outfit, this Ecru gem is the right amount of visual texture to give interest to your whole aura.