Dec 09, 2016

We know you love your bags, as much as we love them too. And just like any other relationship, there is a definite need for you to care for it, if you want it to last that long. So here are some basic care tips for you to apply to ensure a very happy and long “bag relationship”:

Never overload your bag

Sure. Bags are meant to carry your things and keep them. But just like a lover, overfeeding is it never good. Never overload your bag as it will give it (and you) unnecessary strain.
And although there are some that are made up of tough materials, eventually overloading it will make it lose its shape. Even horrible --- make it wear and tear faster than it should.

Never hang your bag for storage

It will put more and constant strain on the handles and straps and where are those attached? To the body of the bag, of course! Hanging them on storage will keep the materials stretched overtime and eventually, it will unnecessarily loosen the bag and the holes in it (where the hardware is pierced through).
And if you have bought a bag made up of cheap materials? This is going to be worse for you. Eventually the material of the bag will tear up and you are left with a broken one.

Wipe when wet and never leave in direct sun for a long time

We cannot really control the sudden splash of water or even prolonged exposure to the sun. But when your bag does get subjected to some water exposure, dry it up immediately and never leave your bags in direct exposure to the sun for long periods of time. Some materials are not water resistant and you may have yourself a shriveled up piece and for those who are too exposed to the sun, well, it may end up in discoloration.