Apr 17, 2017

Baggallini – “for life’s journey”. The tagline of the brand says it all. The pieces that they make is all about a lifestyle of a woman going from one obligation to another. Anticipating various occasions and needs, the brand provides bags that will definitely go “where life takes you”. Check out our picks:

Baggallini Gray Tote

Classic, sleek and easy to carry --- three things to begin with in describing this amazing beauty. This Baggallini Gray Tote is made up of nylon so you know it’s also a bit dirt and water resistant. Not only will this classic piece be part of your work day, but it can definitely adapt to even casual meets when life calls for it.
Pair this with your power suits or down to your casual denims for your meet up with your girls, this Baggallini Gray Tote is a piece that you definitely want to be there.

Baggallini Black Crossbody

Needing a blast of print? Baggallini got you covered.
This black and white printed crossbody is the perfect statement piece visual wise, but it doesn’t stop there. Its unique oriental-esque silhouette is enough to balance out the wildness of its visual.
It gives you that statement piece that is not overwhelming, yet definitely has enough style power to “push through” any outfit that you desire to come up with.
From work to play, this Baggallini crossbody is going to be your new style bestie. You can definitely “trust fall” in style with it and your outfit will definitely “catch you” on.

Baggallini Red Crossbody

For the organizing diva who just needs essentials and more as she goes about her day, Baggallini just created your partner. This Baggallini Red Crossbody is not only multiple in openings and closures, but also have pockets that will help you organize your gear.
With a simple silhouette and a splash of red, you definitely have the perfect “fashion specimen” that will carry your style as well.