Jul 27, 2016

There’s something unassuming about light pink bags. Soft and faded, this hue is perfect for those who just wants a hint of femininity in their wardrobe. But then again, how do you include it in your ensemble without being lost as a whole?

Here are our top 3 tips on how to wear this bag trend.

Wear an all dark outfit

You got a light pink bag. Now is the time to use it as the main event of your ensemble. Wear a combination of all dark hues. Think navy blue top, dark denims and even a gray set of flats. Then swing this light pink bag across your body for that pop of color it needs.

Pick one with a moving accent

We are definitely recommending fringe. If you are into a bohemian/hippie kind of style, this a perfect addition to your vibrant outfits. It will act as the grounding point of the whole look (being solid light pink and all).
However, just because it is a foundation doesn’t mean it will just get piled on. In fact, the fringe accent of the bag will create movement and probably even dance with the flow of your maxi dresses. And this just creates a beautiful style symphony as you go out and do your thing today. Check out the Sascha light pink handbag.

Texture! Texture! Texture!

Pick one that has texture that is visually seen.
Try a synthetic ostrich pattern. These dots are not the usual polka prints and because of its “leather like” look, it will definitely make any onlooker curious. Even if it is light pink as its overall color, the visual texture of the material is strong enough to power through an outfit. Pair this one with a downplayed pant suit and you are sophistication and femininity personified.