Jan 04, 2017

This is the season to feel glamorous and expensive, and if there is one person who deserves all the luxury of the world, it’s you. You work hard for your money. Day in and out you toil for your life. So why not reward yourself with some great bag investment? Check out 3 bags to cry diamond tears for. And why diamond tears, you ask? It’s $500 and up!

Longchamp Bicolor Handbag

Strong in structure with the classic black and white combination --- you can never go wrong in picking this up from Bag Cupid and taking it home. Rest assured that this is one bag that will not go out of style. Given its simple silhouette and strong craftsmanship, it will take a long while before this can be deemed irrelevant.


For such a small thing, people will be shocked to know. The price of this bag is definitely something to be amazed about. But then again it’s Fendi and we all know how this brand has such price commanding power, it’s a fashion sin to even question the price.
But that reputation aside, if you are looking for a little charm that will make you feel a bit child-like with your wardrobe, then this little Fendi “monster” is the right piece to take home. Made out of leather and faux fur eye accents on the bag. It’s an abstract and artistic approach to a fun clutch.

Gucci Brown Handbag

Well-crafted and known for its amazing lifespan, Gucci bags have always been one of the greatest bag investments a woman can own. And this one piece is no different. Despite the hefty price tag, this bamboo handled gem is a classic bag to take with you on your expensive travels down to your office.
Go ahead and indulge. It’s Gucci!