Aug 01, 2016

BCBG is always about high class sophistication and practicality. Designed for the elites, their bags have their lifestyle in mind. Whether they are on the sands of Ibiza partying, down to the high-end penthouse parties, they make sure that BCBG bags are ready to serve both their style and needs. With that, here are our top 3 BCBG bags:

BCBG Perforated Tote

Talking about sands of Ibiza. This white shoulder bag with fringe accent is perfect for the beach in both style and function. Style because it will go well to the relaxed beach party atmosphere of the place. Function because of its perforated detailing, not a lot of sand or dirt can get stuck into it. Give it a good shake to let go of the dirt that it was placed on. It’s also big enough (more than 14 inches) to accommodate your beach essentials and more.

The Drifter Backpack

Reserved for the younger and upcoming “IT” girls of the elites. This black and white backpack is perfect for those trips to the beach down to the secret night clubs in the cosmopolitan area. Just like the tote earlier, its size is more than 14 inches, giving the owner more space for both essentials and incidentals.

Jude The Malibu Tote Bag

Speaking of those secret high-society nightclubs, for the young professionals, this bag is your best bet. Probably the best work to play type of bag from the brand, this shoulder tote bag is the perfect bag that can adapt to both situations. The black leather and chevron style cutout says “work in the morning and party at night”. It’s even big enough for a space of your emergency flats, just in case you get tired of your heels. As they say, the higher the sun, the lower the heels from the night before.