Aug 02, 2016

We all love stylish bags, but what makes us fall in love even more is the fact that it can convert from one type of bag to another --- with easy steps!

Here are the top 3 convertible bags we are loving right now in the market:

Kate Spade’s Perri Lane Romy Convertible bag

This is a satchel, handbag and crossbody bag all rolled into one. This small (less than 12 inches) crocodile patterned leather has a snap/magnetic closure (giving it its satchel vibe). It also has tubular handle (for the handbag part) and detachable strap that converts it to a crossbody one. Not to mention it has a cute light pink shade that adds a touch of femininity to any outfit.

Coach’s Swagger Convertible bag

To be honest, the first thing that caught our eye was its neon yellow hue. The vibrancy of this wristlet makes it look very youthful and modern. But then we discovered that it also has a detachable strap that turns it into a crossbody. All the more reasons to purchase and love it!

American West’s Zuni Passage Convertible Bag

If you are looking for that old west look, well this is your dream bag. Its brown full grain leather and details are enough to make you reminisce of that theme. This a great grounding point for any of your colorful or bohemian ensembles.
But aside from that, it has long tubular handles that makes it a great shoulder bag, while its’ detachable strap converts it also to a crossbody. It’s good to know that the straps are flat so it won’t hurt as much when it swings across your body. Furthermore, it is bigger than 12 inches in size, so more space for you to place your stuff inside.