Aug 12, 2016

Embossing has been around for centuries whether it’s on leather, paper or metal. It has been used on both style and artistic pursuits. And as time passes by, the craftsmanship just evolves and we are pleased to know that until now, embossed bags are still here to serve us right. With that, here are out top 3 picks for the most “boss” bags in embossed bags!

Brahmin Asher Handbag

We can see this in the office. It’s the standing statement bag on your desk, when you arrive. The bag is around 12 – 13.5 inches just giving you enough space for your essentials and work needs.
The leather is embossed with a reptilian pattern (crocodile to be exact), perfect for the single urbanite. After all, the city is the concrete jungle. It’s the right accompaniment with your subtle dark suits with its strong burgundy hue.

Patricia Nash Crossbody

This is a no brainer. Immediately seeing this bag, it’s hard to ignore! The play of the embossed floral and filigree patterns just enthralls any onlooker. Give it to Patricia Nash to take you to a nice trip down the bohemian and old western vibe style lanes.
If you are into small leather bags, look no further. This is the one you are looking for. With thick adjustable straps, we can just see this being swung across your body with just a plain white shirt, boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Effortless chic style has never been this easy.

Patricia Nash Satchel

Another Patricia Nash jewel indeed! We love the subtleness of the design of this bag. Unlike the first embossed bag we have shown, this one is bicolor in hue, but the majority of the red in the body of the bag, allows the visual texture of the design to be the focal point. And even more thrilling is the size! It is small enough to be carried around as a crossbody as well. Giving you that carefree style that you are craving for.