Jul 20, 2016

Betsey Johnson --- when you think of her, she is the image of fun, youthfulness and play. All of which are captured in her own namesake brand. And although recently her company has been going through some financial changes, the spirit of the designer has not. Still a style rebel, Betsey Johnson is about celebrating the fun side of femininity. And if you are all about that, check out these three Betsey Johnson bags that you should definitely add in your wardrobe!

Kitsch Soda Crossbody bag

It’s fun. It’s a statement. It’s pink! Perfect for those all black outfits to bring out the contrast it needs or even those days that you are feeling drab about your style.This Betsey Johnson Kitsch Soda Crossbody will definitely give life to any outfit but don’t let the pop can silhouette fool you. This bag is not only “good” to look at, but also has enough room to carry your essentials for your daily needs.

Bow Dacious Shoulder Tote

Want to feel like Barbie in Los Angeles? This bag just screams that fun side of it all. It’s about the signature black and pink with big bow. If you want to do casual outfits and want to go around the city doing errands in style, this bag is the best companion for you.

Call Me Baby Crossbody Bag

Did someone call for “style intervention”? In this case, this is the bag to use. This Betsey Johnson creation is definitely about the detail. This cute and artsy phone-shaped bag is a great way to express some “child-like” fun to an otherwise very “mature” and professional outfit. Think of blazer, slacks, button downs and pump heels and then this bag --- professional with a touch of humor.