Jul 19, 2016

Big Buddha bags have never shied away from big bold patterns, fringe and visual flow --- all of which share attributes to the bohemian branch of style. Described in their main website as for the “women on the go”, Buddha Bags are all about style that is easy to be noticed and to carry all at the same time. Here are our top picks from their bag roster!

Bobbie Tote

Colorful, detailed and artistic --- the absolute Bohemian style’s dream! This Big Buddha bag is perfect pair for those monochrome maxi dresses that you have hiding in your closet.
And even if spring/summer is over, it’s a statement bag on its own. So if you want to stand out during Autumn/Winter seasons (hey! It’s right around the corner!) where dark hues are usually the trend, this bag is the one to carry. It’s the perfect pop of color any all black ensemble needs!

Landry Hobo Shoulder Bag

If you are looking for something a little bit more “downplayed” (unlike the first one), then this Big Buddha Hobo Shoulder bag is a great choice. Still a bit boheme with its hint of craftsmanship on the leather and tassel accent, this bag is all about looking “earth inspired” with its brown hues paired with a hint of white and blue. And can’t beat a bag with a great space aside from awesome style!

Lolita Nude Crossbody Bag

Now if you want to go for a bohemian style without the color, then details, details, details is what you need!
This Big Buddha Crossbody Bag maybe taupe in tint, but the accents of the bag makes up for the intricacy of it. It’s all about the subtle studs, free flowing fringe and even the sunken leather cords details on it. So feel free to pair this up with your more colorful and wildly vivid patterns of your bohemian outfit. This bag will be your ensemble anchor.