Jun 22, 2016

If you are the type of woman that is always on the go with days that run into nights without you noticing then most definitely you must be a tote or carry all handbag type of girl. These bags help you make it through your morning meetings, your workout during the lunch break, the business dinners and the red eye flights. You want one bag for it all and you don’t want it to be obvious that almost your entire life is in your bag. You need your bag to not only have a large capacity but you also want it to be stylish and of course durable – it has to work as hard as you do. We have just the right bags for you.

Check out our Coach tote and carry all bags that can meet your needs for functionality, stylish appeal and durability. The coach company has been around since 1941 when they started out making leather billfolds and wallets. They have moved into designing trendy, durable and functional handbags for women and can cover all your purse and handbag needs. Check out some of the Coach carry all and tote bags that we offer that can take you all through the day and all through an overnight trip if needs be.

The Coach Crosby Carry All

This carry all handbag comes with a combination zipper style and snap closure. It is made from canvas and is brown in color with the coach logo pattern – a nice neutral muted shade that can fit into your corporate lifestyle while still being fashionable and versatile. It features a single long flat cross body strap which can also be used to carry the handbag over the shoulder as well as has double tubular handles. This large handbag comes with a hangtag and is structured to have the ability to free stand on your desk or on the floor.

The Coach Margo Signature Carry All

This carry all handbag from coach is made from a coated canvas material and is brown in color. It has a single flat cross body type strap which can be adjusted for shoulder use. It features a snap closure along with double handles that are tubular. This is a perfect overnight bag that can be taken to work in the morning and take you to the next city by airplane to complete a business dinner. It can house your laptop, tablet and other feminine essentials necessary for freshening up after a short flight and before entering your meeting.

The Coach Turnlock Tote

This black tote from coach as the name suggest features a turnlock closure. With double closure it also features a zipper closure in combination with the turnlock to keep all your contents secure and hidden away from peering eyes. The bag is made from cross grain leather and has double straps that can be worn over the shoulder or across your arms. On the inside you will find a small zipper compartment. This tote has a flat bottom allowing it to free stand and its high sides allow for a larger capacity than the previous carry all’s. This can accommodate a larger laptop in its own sleeve if necessary among all your other necessities.

The City Zip Handbag from Coach

The City Zip is for the fun loving lady who would rather a pop of color. This pink tote is made from crossgrain leather and features a zipper closure. This is great for those who prefer their tote not be open for all to see its contents. The handbag features double straps which are flat and long enough for the bag to be worn over your shoulder. You can also wear the straps over your arm or grasp them in your hand to carry your tote low alongside your legs.

The Zip Top from Coach

If you love the capacity of a tote bag but like the structure of a satchel here is a good trade off. This bag is made from cross grain and pu leather and has a structured bottom allowing for free standing. Its shade of brown makes it a great staple that can be used in a corporate setting as well as casually. It features a zipper closure and has two flat straps that can enable you to carry the bag across your shoulder or arms.

Totes and Carry All handbags are comfort accessories. They are the bags that can hold all our crap and sympathize with us by not bulging at the seams and showing everybody that we are walking around with our entire day on our shoulders. These types of handbags understands the plight of the busy woman who needs her laptop, a pair of flats, a medicine pouch, a makeup pouch and a pouch with feminine necessities and even a change of clothes. The tote and the carry all understand our plight completely.

Are you an everyday on the go gal with the need for a large handbag that can carry all your stuff and still look streamlined and go into the office? Check out one of the above bags – which one is your favorite?