Nov 15, 2016

Sticks and stones may make a great bag from time to time, but chains and whips can definitely excite any fashionista. The whips though, in this sense, are tassels and the chains? Well the straps of course! Here are our top 3 bags from Gucci that will definitely heighten your style senses or even test your limits when it comes to high fashion.

Gucci Yellow Crossbody

Probably the most “fun and youthful” of the bunch. We love how this blast of yellow is bright enough to bring life to any drab and boring outfit. Think of yourself carrying this around your daily errands. The movement of the chain strap across your body, with the flirty tassel waving about. It’s going to be a great style contrast to your casual white tee, boyfriend jeans and flats combination. Pair with anything printed or floral and this can be the colorful foundation for your outfit of the day.

Gucci Fuchsia Tote

For those who like to “tote” around the city, well Gucci is giving you a nice partner in style crime. This Gucci Fuchsia Tote is feminine energy manifested, with a touch of 80’s nostalgia --- glossy material anyone?
With a gold chain strap support, you know that the bag won’t easily break. And the tassel? It’s just that fun flirt on the side as you go about your day. Perfect as your daily bag or even the one that you take to the office. This is just a pure symbol of “a girl that works”.

Gucci Black Shoulder Bag

To the danger ladies of the Metro, don’t feel ignored. Gucci is all about that sensuous woman with elevated taste in style. And with that in mind, this brand has not forgotten about your needs. Take this black Gucci number with you from your rock concerts down to the low key pubs. Who would have thought that sexy can be gritty too?