Jan 17, 2017

While we do love the occasional rings, necklaces and arm party, here in Bag Cupid, we think that bags are worth the investment not only because of their style, but because they also serve a function. Bags are a way for you to put that unexpected twist in your wardrobe. And what can make that better? A bag with a little bit more charm than the others.

Betsey Johnson White Crossbody

From the Queen of charm and wit of the fashion world, Betsey Johnson has done it again. This white quilted bag gem is the perfect accompaniment to your flirty dresses and denim jeans repertoire. And with the charms that dangle on the strap, you know that it will twinkle and dazzle as you pass by.
After all, you are spreading the designer’s hugs and kisses. That’s just good vibes all around now. Isn’t it?

Coach Yellow Wristlet

For the ones who love texture and anything bright, this Coach Yellow Wristlet will definitely wow you tonight. We love how this little piece packs a style punch. On its own it’s already dazzling, with the texture of the material used. Add a bright yellow hue and you got yourself a statement piece.
But then again, Coach is a giving brand. They said that that is not enough. And so they add a little charm for a twist --- a little furry hangtag to give it that little “designer bag” kiss.

Kate Spade White Tote

This thing is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (You sang it ala Gwen Stefani didn’t you?)
And we know that you are not a holler back girl and we truly enjoy that fact, but definitely people will start calling your attention when you do get this bag by your side. And yes, it’s a Kate Spade. The current reigning Queen of cute and feminine in the fashion world, Kate Spade just gave us this white tote with a bit of “banana charm” on one of its end. Not unless, the word “bananas” did not already state that.