Jul 30, 2016

Who says chic must be expensive? We went through the current collection and spotted 3 amazing bags under the price tag of $20! Which one is your favorite?

Hanna Shoulder Bag by Gabriella Rocha

To be honest, when we saw this bag, we wouldn’t really guess that it was just $19. Size wise, you would expect for such a price range, you can only get a clutch at most. But this designer line just proved that size and price can sometimes be relative.
This bag is more than 14 inches and made up of blue printed canvas. It even has a cute tassel accent to complement its bohemian vibe. The straps are flat, so it won’t hurt as much when you carry it around your day.

The Wild And Free Bag by BCBG

Another great find! It’s only $17 but you already get a stylish and crossbody bag. It’s less than 12 inches in space, however with the fringe accents and tubular braided straps, you got yourself both style and comfort. If you are into old western type of style and just wants a hint of it, this is the perfect bag to carry. It has some leather etches on it that gives some organic eastern vibe.

The Starstuck Clutch by BCBG

Only from BCBG. This $15 Studded yellow clutch is perfect for those formal occasions down to the hard parties in the metro. The shade of yellow makes it light enough to break any dark monochrome outfit, but gives it a bit of color twist so it’s not the usual black and white combination. The visual texture in itself makes a great statement, so although it is a small bag (less than 12 inches), it won’t get lost in all of your pieces.