Aug 13, 2016

After their huge comeback, last season, square type prints are yet again in the center of attention. Designers love these patterns and the best way to wear them in 2016 is on your handbag.
Last year chevron, checkered and plaid prints were a consequence of the return of the 90's grunge style, this season, however, is more about an infusion of the classic British style, austere and elegant.
Many designers used tartan printed handbags in their collections giving them a modern and wearable look. This trend is suitable for everyone, regardless of age.


Versatile and easy to include in your wardrobe, chevron handbags are great for both casual and office outfits. Wear them with an oversized coat and a scarf for a day out, or use them to update your 9 to 5 pencil skirt look.


A checkered handbag is easy to wear but pay attention to the fabric. Thicker fabrics work great with jeans, but they are too casual for cocktail looks. A finer material will give you a cooler look if you pair it with a long taffeta skirt for the evening.


Plaid prints can be worn everywhere and on many pieces of clothing. But when you choose to wear them on your handbag you should be careful, they can make you look bigger. The little squares tend to widen and highlight certain areas of your body, so choose them wisely.

To counteract this effect choose large square designs or simple plaid prints in small squares. If you opt for the latter, make sure that the vertical stripes that form the squares are longer than the horizontal ones. This way you will elongate your silhouette.
One thing is for sure, these patterns will resist the test of time and you'll be able to wear them for years.