Sep 04, 2016

Rebecca Minkoff is a type of designer that is always connected to technology. She uses her spare time to update her Instagram account and find more ways to better communicate her creative genius on social media platforms. She offers her 600,000 followers an exclusive vision of her world, an interactive feed and an incorporation of her reader's feedbacks in her shows and collections.
Rebecca Minkoff never lets a weekend pass without a brainstorming session, and she has a better handle on just who her customer is than any other designer. With her ultra-tech flagships with interactive dressing rooms, Rebecca Minkoff always delivers.

Her collections come ever more colorful and full of surprising inspirations. She is a tireless painter who always has the right canvas, brush, and color. Her colors express life and maintain energy available for every person. Each color signifies a mood, a feeling, a passion, an excess, a fantasy, a message.

Whatever you like: flowers, stripes, graphic prints, messages, ethnic, tribal or baroque styles, Rebecca Minkoff has it all. Her creations can be combined with ease and are able to bring any outfit out of anonymity, be it casual or elegant.

This season she concentrated her attention on a subtle, vintage-inflected California Girl turned towards her youthful audience, in need of day-to-night pieces. But, her seasonless staples are worth the wardrobe investment because her style has everyone needs covered.