Aug 31, 2016

Beauty is a part of life and as one of the serious fashionistas out there, you may already have a place to put all of your arsenal in. But if you are still looking for those cosmetic bags that don’t really look like it (more of a purse really), then read on. We present to you cosmetic bags that are as beautiful as your beauty hoard!

Rebecca Minkoff Cosmetic Case

Orange, bright and simple --- Rebecca Minkoff has always been about the fun side of femininity. With the fun and frill of the tassle, it’s just the little touch that your cosmetic bag needs to make it look like it’s really not. Don’t fret. This little cowhide leather number has enough space for your beauty essentials. And when you get tired? Take that beauty bullets out and put in your daily essentials --- small pouch bag, baby!

Leportsac Cosmetic Case

Zipper, zipper, zipper! That’s the first thing that grabs you. So you can already assume that you got some organization power going on for this little thing. Then the cutesy artwork sparks your creativity as you decide on what to feel like looking today.
The size is less than 12 inches so at least it has enough space for your daily beauty regimen. It is also made up of nylon so it’s a bit dirt resistant. Coupled with the overall black background of the print, this case is meant for the long haul.

Lodis Cosmetic Case

Simple and minimalist. This one is for the ladies who are looking for a classic and unassuming vibe of a little beauty bag. Just like the Rebecca Minkoff, it has a zipper closure and is also good enough to be transformed into a minor clutch that is if you get tired of using it as a cosmetic case.