May 15, 2017

Not much has been said about Dakine, but then again this brand is about action and not words. Built for the active lifestyle, its’ niche is all about the adventurous people all over the globe. But what about the urban people who just enjoy the buzz of the city? Don’t worry. They got you covered. Here are our top picks:

Dakine Bicolor Wallet

Made out of polyester, you know it’s going to be a bit dirt resistant. And with shades that are a bit dark, you know that it can handle the daily grind and bust in and out of your bag.
So if you are looking for a wallet that can stay with you long term, then this Dakine Bicolor Wallet is the thing. It also has multiple card slots for all of your organization needs. And with a magnetic snap flap closure, it’s going to be easy to manage accessing and closing.

Dakine Bicolor Clutch

If you want something bigger that just fits in your hand, as you go around from one group to another in a party, then this Dakine Bicolor Clutch is the one for you.
Sure, being social is different from skiing the icy slopes of a mountain, but nonetheless, you need a bag that can go with you as you bounce from one part of the place after another.
With a wrist strap attached, things will get easier for you as you go. No need to constantly hold it with your hand proper or press it up on your body as your hands hold a cocktail or express yourself.

Dakine Polyester Laptop Bag

This one is for the surfers --- internet surfers to say the least. This Dakine Polyester Laptop Bag is perfect for the Corporate bag lover. It’s a laptop bag that doesn’t look like it, so at least that’s an added “camouflage” while you commute throughout the urban jungle.