Jul 06, 2016

One of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe to the next fashionable style is to purchase a handbag. Many a fashion trend comes and goes by the seasons of the year but often a style of bag such as the dome shaped satchel handbags will remain fashionable even if they are not the “in thing” for the season.

Dome shaped satchel handbags are a change from the ordinarily shaped handbags. They are very neat and structured and usually are made in medium to larger sizes for those ladies who just have to have room for all the possible essentials she may need as she goes through her day.

If you are much attached to your handbags you will want a style that will make you feel like the best version of you. For many of us women, our handbags are usually home to items that help us to feel more comfortable outside of our comfort zones. Bags are also very forgiving, no matter how you are feeling and no matter the time of the month, your bag will always fit – your pants, now that’s a whole other issue. And a domed satchel bag is just the go between you need from a slouch unstructured bag to an overly structured one. Check out a few of these types of handbags that you can find on our website.

For a handbag that will jazz up your black power suit check out the Anne Klein Shimmer Down dome satchel in floral design. This medium sized handbag measures approximately 12 inches to 13.5 inches. Its main color is black and it is made from a polyvinyl chloride material. The bag design features floral accents with red, pink and white shades that offer an eye catching design as well as a memorable one. This satchel style handbag has a double strap along with a single strap which is detachable. The bag features a zipper closure with golden accents, hang tag and feet. This structured bag can stand freely on the floor or on a desk.

If you would like to make less of a statement with your handbag but at the same time want something that provides little space and is still chic and feminine the Coach Cora may be your best option. This is a small handbag measuring approximately 12 inches. It is made from cross grain leather and is available in a number of color options. The option pictured is a peach color with a double tubular handle along with an adjustable cross body strap which can also be used for over the shoulder carry.

If you love color and like to make bold statements and carry stand out handbags then the Betsey Johnson Luv Betsey Jelly in hot pink is just for you. This bag has a stand out color and it also has a patterned exterior with raised hearts in its PVC material. The bag features a zipper closure with double tubular handles. Fun loving females, he young and young at heart will love this handbag and the vibrancy it exudes.

And we couldn’t look at a category of handbags and leave out the basic black handbag. My favorite in the dome satchel hand bag category is the Aldo Frata. This bag is quite simple and is made from polyurethane material. It features double tubular handles and a single detachable long strap which can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. We don’t need to say much about this bag – what you see is what you get. This bag offers a clean design that can fit into any corporate setting and still take you out on the town with the girls.

Check out the many other dome shaped satchel handbags available at Zoltu Bags and find your perfect match.