Aug 01, 2016

Duffle bags are great to choose when you are going about your vacation, sleepovers or just a plain gym trip. But with a lot of designs out there, it can get confusing, which begs the question --- which one should you take home?

Here are our top 3 tips:

The Size

Duffle bags are basically chosen for the space (aside from the style). So choose one that can actually carry your things properly. Make sure that it’s big enough to carry your essentials and for you to actually lift. After all, if it’s too big, then it’s going to be a hassle to lug around, but if it’s too small then the amount of things you can put into it may suffer.

The Handle

Not all duffle bags are equal. Some have straps that are definitely better than others.
The wider the strap, the more comfort it has for lifting it, so always consider the amount of stuff you intend to place inside. Heavier pieces definitely need wider straps. If you do decide to have the rounded ones, make sure that it’s padded for comfort.

The Material

Now the type of material you would like for your duffle bag will depend on your style. Nylon is common for duffle bags are they are the most accommodating in stretch. It retains its style but be careful, if the nylon is poor quality, it will rip off eventually.

Other duffle bags are made up of leather (faux or real --- your choice). The pitfall of this one is that it will not stretch as much as nylon (therefore, lower flexibility in terms of space) but with proper care it can maintain its shape even without the “fillings” inside of it. However, it is good to note that good quality leather will be the ones who can stand the test of time in terms of maintaining its shape.