Jul 05, 2016

A woman’s bag is an accessory that can reveal many secrets about her, so it’s quite important to choose the right one. In the bag glossary, East-West (or E/W) is used to describe a bag that is wider than it’s tall, while, North-South (or N/S) is used to describe a bag that is taller than it’s wide. But how to choose?

When it comes to East-West vs North-South you want to go with the one that compliments your body. Your body type has to be in close connection with the bag you choose. A handbag is like icing on a cake, making your outfit 100% complete. Your bag should emphasize your physical qualities.

There is a rule according to which a handbag should have exactly the opposite shape of your body. So…

East West Handbags

If you’re tall and have a slim silhouette, you should pick an East-West handbag. You can opt for thin handles, but you should definitely avoid long straps.

North-South Handbags

If you’re petite you should avoid all oversized bags. Your physical qualities call for a North-South design.

If you’re on the heavier side pick a shoulder bag, medium sized.