Aug 04, 2016

Emma Fox --- the name itself beckons seduction, fun and flirt. And we can’t blame the New York designer line for creating numerous designs that support such descriptions. It’s a creative state that no designer can resist. Picturing a young woman having fun in the city is one timeless inspiration. So if you are city girl who wants both style and affordability, the only question left is --- which Emma Fox bag is for you?

Rochemont Satchel --- For the Corporatista

The brand itself states that the main inspiration for all of its designs was the city of New York. And if there is one thing that city is known for --- business. With that in mind, if you are part of the corporate world, but wants to add a little fun (yet not flamboyant) to their ensemble, then this satchel is great.
This black and white combo of a number shouts sophistication. Its construction gives a sense of power as well, while the brand’s signature turn lock gives it the elegant touch.

Hudson Handbag --- The Hamptons It Girl

Sure the name said it’s “Hudson”, but the design is simply directed for the Hamptons It Girl. We can see this being carried around during those “must be seen-in” summer socials. Even after that, the bag’s summer cool vibe can even be taken to those expensive yacht parties you get invited to. For short, this handbag is one that you can carry for a small getaway, without your style getting away from you.

Forsyth Handbag --- The Dainty

New York can be a very dark and cold stylish place (so we’ve heard), but that doesn’t mean that there is no place for “ladies who lunch”. This floral perforated handbag is the perfect piece to bring to those dainty themed events. Wear it with your soft pastel dress, nude heels and you are good to go!