Oct 24, 2016

An Etienne Aigner handbag is your best friend. It's a bag that is totally wrapped in mystery. It hides all your secrets, all the important and less important ones, in the comfort of its pockets. An Etienne Aigner bag is great to wear all day and, more importantly, it follows trends. For the cold season, you can opt for one of the many fashionable designs available. Here is a quick guide!

Half-moon Handbag

When you decide to invest in a bag, you must take into consideration its shape and volume. We all like to have spacious bags that don't look too big. Half-moon handbags are roomy, with rounded corners that create the illusion of a smaller bag. For a sophisticated look go for classic shades like brown or navy.

Cross-body Handbags

Free hands are another topic that comes to mind when shopping for the cold season. To feel comfortable you need a cross-body bag that allows you to walk freely and keep your hands warm. Rectangular shapes are very fashionable this year.

The Briefcase Handbag

The briefcase handbag in not a new design, but it's ideal for winter. A briefcase style bag with straight lines look great for office outfits and beyond. It's available in different sizes and many colors from beige to classic black and white.

Mini Handbags

Mini handbags are another great option for winter, and they have gained some serious ground this year. Mini bags are beautiful and stylish matching any outfit, from casual to elegant.