Aug 30, 2016

Expensive, as they say, is relative. But in this case, we are just talking about the highest priced bags in the website. Many would wonder though, why does it cost so much? Is it just for the name or the actual quality of each design? Well, you be the judge for that. For now, we present to you the expensive bags that you just have to see!

Alexander McQueen Handbag

Well, this one is a no brainer --- it’s Alexander McQueen! Once hailed as the king of opulence, rebellion and outrageousness, before his untimely demise, he was the fantasy break that everyone needed. While everyone was talking about the depression, this designer was offering an escape from it.
After he left, the brand has evolved but did not go astray from his own style notes. Enter this handbag. It’s clean, sleek and true to his “fantasy-esque” aesthetic, it’s a handbag re-imagined. It is made of calfskin leather and with gold hardware installed. Price tag? $2395

Alexander Wang Handbag

The brand for the IT girls of the city. Alexander Wang has always been known for edge and pushing the boundaries of young female fashion. This one is a bit more simplistic for the brand if you ask us, however with the golden hardware underneath, it has always been clear of a subtle note of rock and roll. Price tag? $1125

Fendi Clutch

Fendi --- another no shocker on the price range. This haute couture brand has always been deemed expensive and coveted all over the fashion industry. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, it’s not a surprise that this small yellow clutch is priced at $2550
Many people would start to wonder why is it priced so highly when the size doesn’t even make the justification of it? One word. Status.