Nov 01, 2016

The time has come to adapt your wardrobe to the new weather conditions. Snow and low temperatures force you to give up high-heeled shoes in favor of warm and comfortable boots, and you can't leave the house without thick sweaters, fluffy jackets, scarves, and hats. But what about your bag, the essential accessory without which your outfit wouldn't be complete?

In the winter season, your bag needs to fulfill three functions: to be practical, roomy and versatile enough to wear it with many outfits. So, here are three types of practical bags for the cold season that are only made by Baggallini. This brand created beautifully organized and stylish bags that help you effortlessly move from place to place. Check them out below!

XXL Baggallini Bags

Every woman should have in her wardrobe at least one oversized bag. This type of accessory brings sophistication to an outfit and is extremely practical, especially if you like to carry half a house around you. In addition, it proves its usefulness when you sleep over at your boyfriend's place and need more beauty products, or when you need to go to the gym right before you clock into the office.

Tote Baggallini Bags

Tote bags, with their short handles and medium sizes, are practical and highly sophisticated. Totes can be worn at the office, but also in smart-casual combinations for some added femininity.

Cross-body Baggallini Bags

During winter, when you want to spend your time skating, shopping or hanging out at an outdoor concert it's important to have free hands. Because you can't leave the house without a bag, you should at least opt for a comfortable piece that doesn't give you headaches, but freedom of movement. Cross-body bags remain one of the most practical accessories ever. They are extremely versatile and easy to wear, diagonally across your body.