Dec 26, 2016

It’s time to spread your wings and fly, ladies. In this case, take your bag, clasp (lock) it really close to your heart and flap (closure) your style wings away. Here is our top 3 fabulous bags with those features!

Elliot Lucca Green Saddle Bag

Saddle up, bag lovers! Elliot Lucca has given you something a bit casual and grounded to enjoy. This Green Saddle bag is perfect for your daily errands in the city, without compromising your style.
If your wardrobe is mainly composed of bright hues and loads of blast of printed colors, then it’s time to consider investing in a grounding piece. One of which would be this gorgeous gem from the brand.
It is small, adjustable and made of leather, so you know that aside from being convenient to carry, it’s adaptable and in terms of style --- it’s a visual and textural pleasure.

Fossil Printed Crossbody

Right across this Universe is your bag soulmate, and we are delighted to make that closer to home for you --- check out this Fossil Printed Crossbody!
Small in size and flat in silhouette, it’s going to be easy to sling this across your body as you go throughout the day. And with a classic print, you know this bag is not going to go out of style immediately. Pair this with your casual basic top, jeans and flats for that effortless, errand-chic look you have been coveting. Add shades for extra mystery points!

3.1 Phillip Lim Red Crossbody

Red, crisp and minimalist with just a touch of “paper clip” quirk for an accent and you got yourself a classic piece. With bold straps as thick as the body, think of it as a fashionable sash placed on you like the style queen that you are.