Jan 19, 2017

Bag lovers are art lovers. We just can’t help but always put the two together. And why not? Both are appreciative of the designer’s efforts, the craft and artistry! And although some bags are massed produced, some still practice the good old fashion bag couture. Whatever your preference may be, don’t despair. If you want art for art’s sake, we got just the right selection for you.

Marc Jacobs Artwork Tote

For the artist at heart or even the ones who are actual, Marc Jacobs got inspired one day and produced this artwork Tote. Set on a white cotton background, the painted on print gives that “art on a canvass” feel but with more function. That is, holding your essentials!
With a size of less than 14 inches, this bag is ready to serve your daily errands with a touch of “art” class. And with a north south body, you can place in long materials with ease, without taking out your eco bag. Chic and artsy, we would like to say.

Dolce & Gabbana Artwork Handbag

If you love to travel or at least it resides deep down in your desires, then Sicily is calling and it starts with this Dolce & Gabbana Artwork Handbag. We love how the blue backdrop of the bag provides the nice sky that towers over the buildings of Venezia.
Romantic, artistic and fashionable all rolled into one, this is one bag piece that you should be holding to show your global fashionista side.

Love Moschino Shoulder Bag

Time to shoulder on and fall in love again --- at least with this Love Moschino Shoulder Bag. This painted piece is all about bag love and we couldn’t be happier. Semi-soft in construction, this is just one bag gem that will not only carry your essentials but adapt as you put things in. So if you are looking for an artwork that will “work” for your daily needs, Love Moschino is here to please.