Nov 30, 2016

Furla has been around for 90 years and this high-end Italian luxury brand shows no sign of stopping. And of course, who are we to question the blessings given by the fashion gods? This brand is about the powerful elite woman ready to take on the world with her style and skills. Here is our top 3 picks of the moment:

Furla White Crossbody

Leave it to Furla to create a small bag that still packs a style punch. This perforated leather number is perfect for those jeans and basics kind of day. And with winter on the way, the white color will just blend in effortlessly.
But just because it blends in, doesn’t mean it’s not meant to stand out. The gold hardware (think gold chain strap) is here to add a touch of elegance to your cold season. And with a detachable strap? You got yourself an adaptable style soldier. From a small handbag to a crossbody and shoulder --- this style magic will only be limited by your imagination.

Furla Green Crossbody

As the dark green pines and mistletoes come in, Furla offers a little highlight of a style décor. This little green crossbody for the brand is ready to be the great ornament of attention on your outfit.
A great accent to both your red-orange autumn wears down to the black and whites of winter. This little green-gold beauty is ready to be the little trusty “style elf” right next to you. With gold hardware (Furla has always been about opulence) for the push-lock and chain, you know that this is the only subtle bling you will need.

Furla Bucket Bag

Before you kick the bucket, check first if it’s this little lover. In that case, pick it up, pay your share and take it home. This lovely coral is perfect for those who wants an “energized sense” of feminine touch to their wardrobe. And with the minimalist drawstring for closure, single and flat straps, you know you got yourself a seasonless bag. Never need to worry. It’s going to stay with you for a long time.