Aug 04, 2016

Many brands would claim that they are for the 20 somethings, but they lack understanding of what that lifestyle entails. Not all are blessed with a huge trust fund or immediate windfall. Some 20 somethings are still making it out to the world, crafting their own personal empire. They may have limited budget, but they are the most daring age range when it comes to trying out new things. And thus, we are happy that Gabriella Rocha understands the style and struggle of their market. Here are our top picks from the brand.

Augustina Tote Bag ($35)

Clearly for the budding fashionista or CEO of a future fashion empire. Spacious, colorful and trendy, the Augustina Tote bag is great for those who are always on the go and don’t want to think about their style so much. It’s not that they are not fashion conscious. It’s just that they like to have that “trust” that their bag is always stylish enough to just be a “grab and go” kind of thing.

Ivy Hobo Bag ($20)

Who says that twenty dollars can’t give you much anymore?
Gabriella Rocha’s Ivy Hobo Bag is one of the many exceptions. It has enough space for your daily essentials and the fabulous print is great for the break of monotony to any one-color pant suit you may have for the day. While your style maybe a bit “dull corporate”, your bag will be the flair accent reminding you of your youthful and adventurous spirit.

Clio Satchel ($25)

To be honest, we thought this would be the more expensive than just the twenty dollar range. However, the brand has surprised us again with an amazing design choice at a price range lower than its visual value. The material is textured on the Clio Satchel, making it look effortlessly stunning. Its constructive shape gives it a serious corporate appeal as well. This bag completely says “up and coming CEO”.