Jun 05, 2017

Cotton --- comfortable and classic. Whether it is about clothes, interior designing down to bags and accessories, cotton is probably one of the many materials that you will encounter. And why wouldn’t you? It’s so flexible and can be treated in many ways, the possibilities almost become endless with it. And with that in mind, we give honor by showing you the cotton bags that we are obsessed with.

BCBG Black and White Cotton Tote

Go for the classics! And nothing is more iconic than a great black and white stripe cotton tote bag.
Spacious, sleek and slim, you know this one is the bag of the summer. Take it with you to the beach to keep your stuff cool from the heat but your style remaining fiery hot!
Perfect with your bikinis and outerwear and with a generous space, you know that you can pack a lot of summer essentials without a worry.

Dakine Cotton Clutch

You will definitely be wishing you can “clutch that” and feel fancy about it. Yes, we just made a small pun from Iggy Azalea’s hit years ago.
But enough about that and back to the bag. We love how “Viking” and “GOT” this Dakine Cotton Clutch is. So if you want to channel you Queen Khaleesi on, this is the perfect “dragon” to hold.

Volcom Cotton Tote

If you are looking to channel your inner burning man creative, then Volcom has just created the perfect tote for you to carry around.
We absolutely love the print. This is also a perfect gift for your creative and expressive teens.
Flat straps add to the comfort feature, while the size of it (less than 14 inches) definitely spells style and function all created into one. And of course, we couldn’t be happier!