Jul 28, 2016

Your handbag will always make more sense when it echoes another element from your overall outfit. For something as bold as a gold handbag you really want to ensure that you have another gold element somewhere to ensure visual unity in your overall look. A gold bag can add a pop to an otherwise drab outfit and can dress up a casual look when neutral colors are the backdrop. Gold handbags are also versatile in that they can also be the only element and still go well with an outfit that doesn’t have any other conflicting color or pattern. If you are more interested in pairing then you can pair your gold handbag with (these don’t have to be entirely gold but just need a gold element) gold ballerina flats, gold strappy heels, gold sandals or gold or gold toned jewelry.

When to Wear Gold

Another great reason to bring out your gold handbags is in warm weather. When the weather is warm instead of grabbing that black handbag why not grab a gold one instead. Gold handbags can go with bright colors and neutral shades as well when the weather is warmer. Having a gold clutch on hand like Jessica McClintock clutch in gold here is a great option to have on hand for your next cocktail party or formal event.

Before you go out and buy another black handbag consider that black is not the only versatile color option when it comes to handbags. A gold handbag will be a better match for a navy outfit than a black handbag will ever be. Gold handbags provide function but look a lot more interesting when carried than a black handbag does and best of all metallics are currently on trend and pretty much everyone has gold or gold tone jewelry so it is not hard to incorporate a gold handbag into your wardrobe.

Gold Handbags at Work

The exception is at work though, while gold is a versatile and on trend color right now it is not quite the best option for the corporate setting. Some toned down options can be pulled off in some work settings but brighter and more embellished options will not work out at all. This Anne Klein Time to Indulge Tote is a good option for a gold handbag that could possibly find itself into a corporate office without any trouble. It is a medium sized tote in a more muted gold tone with a professional silhouette.

Function and style can cohabit in gold handbags as noted in the previously mentioned handbag. You don’t have to throw style out the door when you choose function. And our list of handbags here on our website proves just that. Our unique method of filtering also allows you the opportunity to find the handbag that is perfect for your needs no matter what you are looking for. Check out our selection of gold handbags and while you are at it, check out some of our other options as well. Whenever you are ready to ditch the black handbag we have a line of interesting, fun loving and simply exquisite options to meet your handbag needs.