Jul 19, 2016

Steve Madden defined the 90’s. That decade was the transition of the recently liberated past towards the technological future. And during those times Steve Madden captured it in full blast color of the 80’s with the flow of the 70’s and the explosive and rebellious idealisms of the 90’s.
With these themes on hand, the designer created a memorable fashion empire all over the world. So why are people still going gaga for Steve Madden Bags? Check out the reasons below:

Color is forever!

Life would definitely be dull without a dash of color. And if there is one thing that Steve Madden is known for --- it’s the color! It’s always about the fun combination on the bag downplayed by some studs. Check out this Bboa multicolor crossbody bag. If that doesn’t shout fun, youth and vibrancy, we don’t know what does.

The simple turns special

Steve Madden has a knack of turning simple bag silhouettes into something special. In this case, the use of small chains as a fringe detail over of the bag is not only brilliant, but gives that subtle seductive detail. Makes you think of something dark and sensual (chains and red wine color enough of a dead giveaway to you?). So if you are looking for the subtle edgy look, this bag is a prime example.

The Statement Monochrome

Wait what? Yeah, you read that right. Steve Madden combines strange silhouettes and accents in perfect balance and then throws a statement hue to give birth to one of the most fabulous bags you will ever see. This magenta fringe crossbody is a perfect example.
In style, the usual go to for a statement bag would be wild colors combined with even wilder silhouette or details. In this case, Steve Madden, the ever so master of tint and effervescence, teaches us that sometimes a jewel tone is enough to give the right amount of sass to any bag.