Jun 16, 2017

Everything seems to be instantaenous nowadays. Deadlines are always looming life has become as fast as it can go. And so for the go-getter bag lovers, we present to you the grab and go bags that you can depend on day by day.

Michael Kors Black Grab Bag

Looking for an instant classic in both closet and lifestyle? Something to serve you from day to night and bounce from one occasion to another? Formal to informal? Then this Michael Kors Black Grab Bag is the one to take home.
The classic black saffiano leather is sure to soothe the senses and style, as the strength of the material itself is enough to carry your needs for the rest of the day. Tubular handle for easy carrying and grabbing (it is a grab and go kind of thing) and an adjustable flat strap to turn it into a crossbody. Style and function wise --- you do have an option all the time.

Lacoste Black Grab Bag

But it looks almost like the Michael Kors above! Lover, this is called --- option. If you don’t want to have a blatant “MK” on your bag and would rather have people focus on your own personal style, then please pick up this Lacoste Black Grab Bag.
Also, it’s smaller than the first bag (this one is less than 12 inches in size). So if you want to just strip down to essentials --- then this bag is a definite winner.

Liebeskind Red Grab Bag

For the people who likes to take it easy in terms of style and function, then go for this bag gem. Made up of cowhide leather, it’s soft and light to carry. It opens and closes via a drawstring too, so easy access is a feature. And with a dash of red, you know this is going to be the highlight of your outfit.