Jan 02, 2017

The color of 2017 has been chosen. The Pantone Institute confirmed green as the lawmaker for next year, in fashion and beyond. "Greenery" will be the star color of 2017 and experts have described it as a yellow-green, reminiscent of the early days of spring. "It's the color of hope, is our connection with nature," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Institute.
There is only one clear rule when it comes to wearing green: make it fast! Green is a great color that is fashionable and it fits everyone. Let's get serious, green will never go out of style!

When it comes to how to match green and how to include it into your outfits, you should know that it's not such a difficult task. Green can highlight any outfit. If you wear a simple combination of skinny jeans and a white shirt, a green bag will create an interesting look. Just like a true fashionista you can combine a stylish poncho, thrown carelessly on your shoulders, with a green bag and a fabulous pair of green stilettos.

There are many shades of green, so sometimes it can be hard to match them all. There are emerald shades, mint, asparagus, dark green etc. Because there are so many different and interesting combinations, you may fall into another extreme: to find a combination that works and get stuck wearing it for a long time.

But when it comes to green you can easily put your creativity to the test. As a true fashionista, you will always be able to create wonderful and unexpected combinations, centered on different shades of green. Most importantly, when it comes to matching green, get out of your comfort zone! Try, test, buy!