Jan 03, 2017

Pantone has declared it and we couldn’t agree more! Greenery is in and we definitely love this choice. Mother Nature, after all, is the ultimate fashionista, inspiring designers all over to craft, mimic and even adorn her whims and creations. And so with that, we honor this year’s color. Check out Bag Cupid’s own set of love greenery!

Gucci Green Handbag

From the land of high end Gucci, we find this dramatic piece. Subtly romantic with its floral tones all over, this little love gem is for you to have and to hold.
We love the strong structure of the bag, giving contrast to the somewhat “soft tone” of the print. And with the bold bamboo closure accent, it gives that little unexpected twist in the end.
If you are looking forward to the Spring and Summer seasons, this bag is the one for you to carry as you welcome the fun, fresh and colorful times of the year.

Coach Green Handbag

If Poison Ivy (one of Batman’s villains) was a bag, she would definitely be this Coach Green Handbag. Sure, some would say she would be the Gucci one, but for us, this tone of green just reminds us of her costume as she whips up the city of Gotham with the force of Mother Nature.
Simple, elegant and strong, this Coach Handbag is the one for you to take home. From work to play, with this little gem by your side, you will always just “slay”.

Dolce & Gabbana Green Crossbody

Okay. So maybe the green is more on the print. As the banana leaves form a memoir of the summer, we can’t help but to fall in love with its crisp white background and strong rectangular feature. With its chain strap and single green tubular handle, this is proof, yet again, that the brand is the master of simple luxury.