Aug 07, 2016

When one mentions “Hello Kitty”, you immediately associate it with your fun and loving childhood memories --- well not anymore. As this little kitten entered almost any industry imaginable, her bags are no longer just for children going to school. Behold! Hello Kitty bags for grown-ups!

Hello Kitty Handbag

When we saw this on the market, it’s actually pretty amazing. When you think of Hello Kitty bags, you usually have a picture in your head of those pink plastic backpacks little girls use for school.


This one is fiery red with brown animal print all over. It’s going to take you through your day in the Urban Jungle. May it just be a casual coffee with your girls down to your own private dates with yourself. It is also convertible to a crossbody. Talk about convenience. It doesn’t blatantly say you’re carrying “Hello Kitty” around, but that’s just a small style secret for you and the bag to keep.

Hello Kitty Tote Bag

This one is for the corporate ladies who are just going to a different kind of school --- their careers. As you learn and develop your skills in your job, this Hello Kitty tote is ready to carry your office and personal essentials.
The brand’s face is just embossed on it. From afar and first quick glance, you wouldn’t really think any of it. It actually looks like a very sleek and constructive, black and white office bag. But as one gets closer, people will get that tiny shred of fun spirit that you still have.

Hello Kitty Satchel

Hello Kitty goes incognito! This is our first thought when we saw this. What one would consider just an innocent embossed detail on a bag turns out to be the logo of the brand randomly placed all over. Its overall black color holds a classic appeal, but don’t get fooled --- open it and it has an animal print lining gives it the “style surprise” you definitely deserve.