Jul 04, 2016

Hobo bags are styled much like the bindle on a stick that you may see hobos carrying in cartoons and drawings. As such this style of handbag was coined the hobo bag because of its similar appearance. It is made in a crescent shape and has a slouchy stance. It is made from material that is flexible so that when it is set down it slouches or slumps. Though these were originally large bags you will find now that designers are making hobo bags in an array of sizes. You will also notice that they have for the most part lost their main crescent shape but still have the slouch or slump factor.

Handbags are for carrying our essentials but they are also worn to ensure that we are keeping up with the trends. They help us to feel put together and they also help to show off our personality. Not every handbag type is for everybody though and so we want to help you determine if a hobo bag is right for you. The hobo bag can help to mask some of your features that you would rather not be too noticeable and can also help to accentuate your favorites.

About Hobo Bags
  • They are casual
  • They are practical
  • Medium and large sizes are commonly found in boho prints
  • Made of soft leather, micro-fiber or suede
  • Tend not to be structured but you can find small semi-structured ones with less slouch than usual
Tips on Choosing Hobo Handbags Size and Length

First let’s start with some general tips that will help you to choose any type of handbag really.

Choose a handbag size that is proportionate to your body type.

If you are short and petite you want to choose smaller handbags with shorter straps and if you are tall vice versa. Most handbags nowadays come with adjustable straps so you can adjust them for your height.

If you are tall and slim a midsize, large or oversized handbag can help you to appear larger.

You want to choose a handbag with a shape that is opposite to the shape of your body type.

If you are short and want to appear taller, choose a rectangular handbag with a longer strap.

If you are slim and tall you will want to choose a handbag that is more rounded in shape.

Remember that where the bottom of the handbag hits your body is where the handbag will emphasize. Thus choosing hobo bags with adjustable straps is a great option especially when purchasing your bags online where you can’t quite get to see a true representation of where it will hit.

Shorter handbags worn under the arm will cause your bust to appear bigger so if you want to remove attention from there you will want a style with longer straps.

Most women will look good in handbags that hang to mid-torso but if you ever want to change it up you can use these tips to guide you when adjusting your handbag strap so you don’t put it in an area where it is accentuating something you don’t want to accentuate.