Oct 26, 2016

When the hobo bag is mentioned --- we think of the crescent moon shaped bag that varies in size. It’s held unto the shoulders and if you are lucky, can turn into a crossbody bag as well. But did you know that there is an actual brand of the bag named, “Hobo”? If you haven’t heard it yet, then get ready to learn something. Here is our top 3 picks from the Hobo brand.

Hobo Gardner Shoulder Bag

It’s green. It’s a bit glossy. And the marbled stressed leather treatment is making us all giddy. Add a bit of muted silver hardware and you got yourself that little bling for any ensemble.
The brand promises “quality and cool” as the eternal elements of style and in this case, we cannot argue. The bag encapsulates both. We love how this effortless number can go with your casual jeans down to your corporate power suits.
The effortless style comes with a snap closure as well. It doesn’t get any easier in both style and function.

Hobo Sable Wristlet

If you are looking for something understated, but will not get lost in fashion translation, then this Hobo Sable Wristlet is the bag to take home. The gray color of the bag is a great foundation for any dark or even brightly toned wardrobe. However, the ring on the wristlet is the twist that you are definitely going to love. The usual sling is out of the way and replaced with a statement handle. Think of it as a free bangle --- an additional accessory to your arm candy party.

Hobo Alice Wallet

If glamour and luxury had a baby, then this Hobo Alice Wallet is the result. This metallic gold gradient piece is a perfect touch to your everyday financial fashion needs. Kiss lock for the closure, this just exudes old school class. And with its multiple compartments, you can definitely depend on its function, aside from its fashion.