Dec 05, 2016

It’s that time of the year, lovers. The Holidays are almost here and as we expect the climate to get colder, we can only expect styles to get “hotter”. And speaking of hot, why not get a new bag to love while you are at it? Here are our top 3 picks for your new “holiday romance” style partner:

Kenneth Cole Reaction Red Handbag

What would the holidays be without the dash of red and gold? Kenneth Cole Reaction creates this elegant beauty and it’s a real “gift” from the heart.
Classic and minimalist, the touch of gold is just the opulence that you need to get to elevate your style into that romantic holiday mood. Pair it with your thick overcoats and it will stand on its own as the pop of color that you need to make everything look alive in an otherwise “somber” season.

Aldo White Clutch

This is an obvious style choice. In the season when snow blankets the city, it’s only proper that you bring in something that blends in a bit. But of course, just because it blends in with the color of the snow, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t stand out.
Aldo gives us this marvelous clutch. The texture of the pearls and touch of golden ornaments reminds us of the twinkling magic of the Holidays. So why not add it to your little black dress during those glamorous dinner parties of the office? You will never know when this bling would become the lucky charm of your newly started holiday romance.

Betsey Johnson Wristlet

Be a gracious guest and bring a bottle of champagne when you get invited to a party. In this case however, we are talking about bringing this Betsey Johnson wristlet with you. If you want a bag that says “party personified”, look no further --- this is the obvious choice.