Nov 22, 2016

Thanksgiving dinner assumes a dress code, defined by elegant accessories and statement dresses. A complete look inspired by current trends involves a selection of evening bags to compliment the tailoring and colors of your outfit, perfecting the style you want to express through your choice of clothing. So, let's see which bag design matches the style you dress.

Basic Clutches
The clutch is the prototype for evening attire. It may be circular or rectangular and often with metallic closing mechanisms. A clutch is ideal for sophisticated Thanksgiving looks that feature structured styles and drapery.
Clutches are ideal choices for dresses with sequin applications or casual, draped cuts.

Embellished clutches are conceptualized accessories that designers have proposed every season, and manage to remove the anonymity from any outfit. But, this type of evening bag is difficult to match.
Avoid dresses with floral prints or geometric patterns in order to avoid overloading the outfit. Choose boho romantic dresses and avoid rock chic combinations.
Embellished clutches give a romantic touch to your Thanksgiving outfit.

Animal Prints
Animal print is the trend that has invaded fashion every season. And, for less bold fashionistas, animal-print accessories are a must have. When you opt for animal print clutches avoid any type of printed dresses. Limit your range of colors to brown tones, black, red or pink and address midi lengths, complementing the outfit with matte tights.

Supersize It!
Oversized envelope bags are still in seasonal trends. Neutral tones are easy to match with Thanksgiving outfits. The strength of this accessory is represented by its considerable size which is not only practical but also aesthetic.
Oversized bags are ideal for mini-dresses made of silk and with sequins, but you can also match them to chiffon maxi dresses. However, avoid wearing them if your Thanksgiving dinner is a very formal event.