Sep 10, 2016

Big bags are a must in any fashionista’s life. It’s not some style rule to adhere to but more of an actual functionary need. And when something is more of a need than a want, you have to make sure that it performs for more than what you are looking at. So what are the top 3 things you should be looking for in a big bag? We break it down for you.

It’s all about your carrying preferences

Is it by hand? By shoulder? By arm?
Choosing the right big bag for you needs means that you need to know how you actually carry your things. If you are more of hands type of girl, go for a handbag or a duffle. Shoulder type and arm carrier? satchel and totes can be your thing.
Make sure that when you do plan to buy, you can carry it with ease. Nothing destroys style and comfort more than a big bulky bag that makes you struggle.

Take note of the bag handles

There are many kinds of bag handles as there are bags. Chain straps can be fancy, but hurt you overtime. Flat straps, depending on the fabric, can actually be less painful for the shoulders to carry, but harsh for the hands to handle for a long time. Tubular ones are great for your hands though, while it can be a bit tough on the shoulders.

The Shape

The shape of the bag will determine the things that you can put in it. So always put that into account. If you have a lot of bulky things as essentials, you may have to re-think that slim tote that you are coveting right now. After all, the reason that you are choosing a big bag is to store your things and carry it around. If it only does half the job, then also expect twice the number of bag you need. Would you be okay with it?