Jul 02, 2016

The saddle bag is among the must-have accessories for 2016: it's versatile, adored by fashionistas everywhere and it can get you out of tricky situations when you don't know what to wear. Its curved shape at the bottom and flap detail at the top makes this bag a gem in your wardrobe since it works with both elegant and casual chic looks, perfect for long summer walks.

The biggest advantage of the saddle bag is that it works any season. But, since we are in full blown summer, besides a neutral color you should have at least one bag in a vivid shade. A woman should be able to draw a rainbow with the bags that she owns.

Office Saddle Bag

If your job allows a casual chic look, you can easily opt for this type of bag. Choose gold or silver details, medium sizes, and leather. You can have a fresh look, but also serious enough to represent you.

Date Saddle Bag

If you want to impress your suitor with and elegant and feminine look, but you don't want to overdo it, then opt for a discreet dress and a saddle bag that you wear on your shoulder. Choose bright colors and delicate cuts.

Day to Day Saddle Bag

The saddle bag is the perfect design to wear on a day to day basis, for running errands, walking around or meeting friends. Choose a medium size and match its color to your personality.